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Willie and the Goodsouls

Following the success of Willie & The Good Souls' third album; (self-titled Willie & The Good Souls), the band is back from extensive European touring to solidify their place in your Rock n’ Roll playlist. Incorporating a vast, extensive range of instrumentation, this five member Rock band has channeled the sounds and emotions of the greats to create a unique dynamic all their own.

Hailing from Finland, Willie & The Good Souls incorporate Classic American funk and roots with Slavic melodies and themes. Founding member Ville Vesalainen, (guitar and vocals), was once known in his circle as the Finnish E-Street band, as he played most of all the instruments on the debut album; Fortunate Son.

A clever, a mature interpretation of classic rock anthems, Fortunate Son garnered the attention of Petra Wahlsten (vocals, violin) who convinced Ville to enlist an entire band for their second album; Free Willie. With an impressive catalog of material under V.R. Label Finland, including an array of videos on YouTube, Willie & The Good Souls look now to the future, a fourth album and a broader tour focus. Reviews for Willie & The Good Souls have been favorable; “Not much is done in this style of rock, and especially not so well” (SOUNDI 12/14), “Singer-guitarist Ville Vesalainen directs his band in a stylish and nuanced way.

The soulful-sounding band blows fresh flame into the traditional fireplace and causes heat and vibration. ” (Aamulehti 11/16), “The best thing about this record is its relaxation and obvious love of doing. Fortunate Son contains wickedly warm-hearted blues rock with bow to the old masters. " (Jussi Mäntysaari 10/14), and "Glow warning given!" (Mesta 10/14)

Current line-up for Willie & The Good Souls: Ville Vesalainen - vocals, guitar, Petra Wahlsten - vocals, violin, Tuomas Riihimäki – keyboards, Jukka Lehto - bass, vocals, Jussi Vuola - drums, vocals. Connect with Willie & The Good Souls at:

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