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Voix Métalliques

Voix Métalliques builds on previous dance and melodic techno releases but goes much darker with ‘Not Now’ not sounding out of place in Berlin’s Berghain.

Voix Métalliques wraps weird voices throughout the tracks, anchoring the EP name and track sound design consistency.

The ‘Four Eyes’ opener is a high energy track with ‘Secrets’ and ‘Save Me’ befitting of a dark sex dungeon. Or so some people say… Although ‘Deep Sleep’ is a much lighter, happier track.

Voix Métalliquesis a hard-edged EP with biting drums and slick, oozing basslines with a definite nod to Gesaffelstein and Stephan Bodzin and a stark contrast to Paul’s recent modular ambient releases.

Voix Métalliques demonstrates Paul’s ability to merge beautifully crafted electronica through different genres and he’s equally at home creating cinematic soundscape epics or deep, dark hedonist melodic techno with glitching percussion and thumping kicks.

Recorded at his home studio in Liverpool, Paul uses a combination of digital and analogue synths and effects from vintage SH-101’s to modern eurorack and ARP 2600reincarnations.

He composes, mixes and produces alone as the megalomaniacal dictator of his own studio.

Check out:

1.Four Eyes

2.Save Me

3.Not Now

Listen to Voix Métalliques here:


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The new album from PAUL ALTY Available worldwide on WaxApul Records7th August 2021With inspiration taken from a swathe of artists and composers from Woo York, Jon Hopkins, the Afterlife roster, Gesaffelstein, Bicep.

Other reference points include: Dario Gismondi, KAS:ST, Innellea, EsotericCircle, Mike Rish and ARTBAT…the list goes on. Equally, Faithless, Orbital.

Royksopp, Underworld, Goldfrapp, BadSector and all fall into the influential melting pot.

Paul has written music and sound design for threatre and presented music as an art installation at the Tate Liverpool and as part of online virtual art exhibitions duringCovid-19 lockdowns.

Paul is working on producing large-scale sensory and immersive art installations using his music, lasers and many visual effects, creating a whole new way to perform his music live with a 3D environment and audience.

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