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Official Launch Date

Hey everyone. Glad you're here and thanks for coming aboard. If you're reading this, it is 05/10/21 or later and the website has officially been made public. Poke around the website and see what we have going on here. We have added a forum so all the artists and visitors can interact with us and, each other.

Please take a moment to head onto the forum and please read the rules for the website forum and comments section. I'll mention it here and, this should go without saying but, please be respectful to each other. Remember that everyone on here is just like you.

Sign up for email alerts and become a member on the members page.

We want to thank you all for being here and doing what you're doing. If you are a musician and have submitted music, we thank you for sharing your music with us and, the rest of the world.

If there are any specific questions feel free to contact us.

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