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Search ... Yay Or Nay?

So, I was surfing the interwebnets and came across this musicians forum at

Seems pretty cool and legit from the get-go. Musicians looking for musicians and, of course, promoting themselves in general. I'm not hating on anyone promoting themselves and you all know that very well.

I think this may be something for all of you to look into and spread the word about your music more. There are different tiers of membership and I'm not sure just yet what each one includes but... It looks like you can post about yourself and upload pics and songs for free so, maybe go and check it out.

I'm going to snoop around there a little bit more tonight and see what type of information I find out about it. I'll obviously add any updates and post about the findings as you know, if this helps you out as a musician at all... I'm 100% down for that.

I'm obviously finding new talent and listeners to get the word out on the amazing music you guys produce!


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