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A*STASIS New Single Drops Today!

Ah yes. May has been a great month so far. Not only for the show but for new music as well. A*STASIS is no exception to the awesome music submitted to the show. We're happy to have had the #exclusive on their single, "Engage" and want to spread the word so everyone can enjoy this hit!

I always tell people to stay tuned in for the entire show if they're able to because, you never know what you're going to hear next that you might like. This song is pure energy from start to finish and a Must Hear for everyone. Reminiscent to the style of Faith No More and Nine Inch Nails to me, this song will get you hooked in on it from the very first sound you hear.

Check them out on their FaceBook page to keep up to date with their releases, and all other info on them.

Wishing nothing but success for our friends from Texas. Get on their LinkTree to connect on all of their socials.

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