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Welcome everyone.

Wondering what this is all about? Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I am known as DJ X TECH and I've been in the music industry for roughly about 20 years... or so. I have always had a genuine love for music and everything that goes into it. Now, I'm not hating on mainstream artists, they paid their dues and have been through the grind and made it but, I'm more so hating on mainstream media and labels. I believe everyone has a story to tell and music that needs to be heard so, I created this project for indie artists to get their music out.

This started out as a very basic idea and over the course of about 3 months has grown into something much bigger than just an idea. The following that this is creating amazes me pretty much every day as more listeners tune in.

Here's where this goes and how it works. 

$15 - That's it. No up-selling you or anything like that. Make a $15 submission and you will get placed on the live show which gets recorded to a podcast and uploaded to all the major podcast sites. I do wish I could do this for free but, There's no way I can run this stuff 12+ hours a day and just do it for free but I want everyones music heard so, a price that's affordable for everyone? $15 - No gimmicks

I think that's fair. I do my work on your song and get it out there to the most possible people so I can promote you to the best of my ability.


Your submission(s) (you can make more than 1) are promoted pretty much in this order. They will be first aired on a live show with an announcement and an intro that I come up with as to who you are and about your music. This is a recorded session that is uploaded to all the major podcast directories such as Spotify, Apple Podcasts, RSS and so forth. This is generally followed up by a written interview to be posted on my blog so I can promote links you submit on where new fans can find you. I add your song(s) to the Spotify playlist of your specific genre. I'll keep the song(s) there for at least 10,000 streams no matter how long it takes to get to that amount. I repost your song on my SoundCloud. Promotion continues with posts to the social media outlets too. 

I take a personal interest in certain songs that I place as featured. If the song makes the cut I blast through subscriber emails and, place in the new top 10 each week. No, the top 10, featured and email blast cannot be purchased. I must personally make the decision on what is "Must Hear" to me on a personal level... Like I said, No gimmicks or up-selling. If you have any further questions, please contact me via the contact form on either website and I will get back to you as humanly possible. 

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