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Tampa Bays Pulse Radio is a fully licensed radio station owned by Pulse Media LLC. We are committed to helping get independent artists music, from all genres heard. We are bringing  a traditional radio format back to life without the commercialization of traditional radio. 

We broadcast online and on our FM frequency in the Tampa Bay area and will be expanding our signal strength continuously as FCC regulations allow. Pulse Media is partnered up with various other local radio stations as well as online and print media and we are pleased to announce that Pulse Media will be working on a magazine format soon as well and that will feature both online and printed versions of the magazine. 

To all independent musicians, we have provided a link below for you to submit your music to our radio station for airplay. Information for the option to have your music added to DJ X TECH's 1's and 2's indie music review podcast are also provided. We wish everyone the best of luck and we look forward to helping you build your music career.

We encourage you to sign up for our email alerts so you can keep up to date with all that will be going on in the future with pulse media. 

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